Welcome to the new Topekaism

Welcome to the new Topekaism

A few years ago I started this project called Topekaism.  It was a place where I could share interesting information, history and things you should know and see in Topeka, Kansas.

After a career change, I just didn’t have the time to put the effort into the website and give it the attention I felt it needed, but now, after changing back to my previous career as a real estate professional, I am ready to jump back in and make Topekaism what I always dreamed.

I hope to share photos, some history, and maybe feature some new businesses and events that are happening around our Capitol city.  If you have an event you’d like to share, be sure to look the Topekaism page up on Facebook and share your own public events there.   They just might be featured on the website!

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