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by on October 3, 2011

topeka ghost tours of kansasCathy Ramirez grew up approximately one mile from and attended Rochester Grade School in Topeka, KS. “One of the most important lessons learned before ABC’s and 123’s was to watch out for the “Ghostly Albino” while walking to and from school,” she recalls. “That is probably what initiated my curiosity into the paranormal without me even knowing it! My favorite holiday has always been Halloween and ghost stories were my favorite books to read.”

With adulthood came the usual responsibilities of work, family, and home but about six years ago something else took over in Cathy’s life. She had a realization that lead her on what would turn out to be a very successful path and Ghost Tours of Kansas, LLC was born.

Cathy knew that other cities, such as Atchison, KS, had ghost tours so she figured why not have a ghost tour in Topeka. She already knew that there was at least one story of interest to the area people. She knew about the “Albino Lady” which by the way, was an actual living person that resided in North Topeka and after her death was reported to had been seen by numerous area residents. They reported seeing a “ghostly woman in white with stark white skin and blazing pink eyes.“ Having been written about in several books over the years Cathy was sure that the “Albino Lady” would be a top favorite for a Topeka tour.

Over the years the tours have lead visitors to the State Capitol Building, Overland Station, Rochester Cemetery, North Kansas Avenue Bars, the Moose Lodge, and have now expanded to visiting haunted locations in Holton, Lawrence, Manhattan, Atchison, Leavenworth, St. Joseph, Missouri an soon there will be a Wichita tour as well.

Cathy wants to be able to answer all the questions that may be asked so when doing the research on a particular building she makes it a point to look up all the facts and not leave out the juicy details that everyone wants to know. For example, “Why would there be ghosts in the building? Were there fires, suicides, murders, love triangles, was it a
brothel, mortuary, was there some other significant event that occurred there?” These are some of the details that make the tours exciting as well as educational.

She also has had some interesting experiences and some strange things happen during her investigations, “First City Photo in Leavenworth, I heard my first
disembodied voice. Curtis Cemetery in Topeka was the first time I was physically touched by something.”  “My favorite personal experience, is that which occurred at Marion Lane Candles during an investigation. My niece and I were sitting in the dark in the basement. I had both hands full with equipment and felt like a cobweb was on me. Trying to brush it off while holding items in my hands wasn’t working so I asked my niece to turn on the flashlight thinking I now had a spider on me. Having turned on the flashlight and pointing it at me, we both saw a red Christmas ribbon lying across my wrist. After trying to debunk we came to the conclusion, a ghost put it there. After presenting the story to the owner, she had remembered and incident that happened to an employee the first week of opening in her new location. An employee saw a ghostly girl standing in the main room and the girl had a thin red Christmas ribbon in her hair.” Cathy shared enthusiastically.

Ghost Tours of Kansas, LLC does not consist of ghost tours alone, new and exciting events are being added consistently. For example, the most recent addition is the
“Psychic Fun and Feast.” A scrumptious dinner is held at a haunted restaurant and customers enjoy food and conversation with a real psychic and then after ghost stories of
the location and history, the psychic gives each customer a personalized reading.  A few upcoming event to look forward to include, Paranormal Slumber Parties, Ghost Tours for TWEENS, Public Paranormal investigations, to name just a few.

Currently Ghost Tours of Kansas, LLC has eleven professional tour guides, two paranormal investigative teams, two renowned psychics, and two talented event planners.
“So far there seems to be a never ending supply of ghosts to keep the business propelling forward!” exclaimed Cathy.

Find out more about Ghost Tours of Kansas by visiting their website!

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